Keith OCDS
Order of Carmelites Discalced Secular

Talks & Conferences

Here are some conferences given to the OCDS by Keith Barron.  The ones listed below must be downloaded to be heard.  These and others may be accessed at the first link below and they do not need to be downloaded but can be heard from directly online.  All are in mp3 format.

Some OCDS Conferences by Keith Barron

Four Talks on "The Desert," focusing on the theme of the desert as related to Carmelite Spirituality and the contemplative prayer experience.

"The Desert,"    Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 3

"The Christological Heart of Carmelite Mysticism,"
is a summary of the final section of the paper "Carmelite Mysticism and Eastern Mysticism,"
I delivered at The Carmelite International Seminar, The Experience of God Today and Carmelite Mysticism: Mystagogy and Inter-Religious and Cultural Dialog, in Zidine, Bosnia, September 17-22, 2007 (about 30 minutes).
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