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Doctoral Dissertation

My Doctoral Dissertation on St. John of the Cross

A Study of St. John of the Cross's Theology of Transformation
From the Perspective of Psychoanalytic Object Relations Theory

My doctoral dissertation has several chapters that can stand on their own.  I am posting a single pdf copy of the whole dissertation as well as each chapter individually.  Endnotes for the individual chapters are in a separate file and can be accessed when reading a chapter by opening both files simultaneously and overlapping them or placing them side by side on your screen.  (Some chapters are broken into parts due to limits on size while uploading files on the server.)

Title Page, Table of Contents, Abstract, Abbreviations, etc. for the individual chapters can be seen in the single complete download.

Complete Dissertation (click this link)

The Dark Night of God, An article published in Studies in Formative Spirituality, XIII that summarizes my doctoral dissertation, 32 pp.

Introduction  St. John of the Cross and Some Contemporary Issues
                      Concerning Contemplative Prayer and Mystical Experience

     Intro Endnotes

Ch. I      St. John of the Cross: The Person, His Life & Times

     Ch. I Endnotes

Ch. II    St. John of the Cross's Understanding of the Human Person

Ch. II part 1             Ch. II part 2

     Ch. II Endnotes

Ch. III     Psychology and Mysticism

     Ch. III Endnotes

Ch. IV     Object Relations Theory: Some Implications for the Study of
               Religious Development

     Ch. IV part 1
           Ch. IV part 2           

Ch. IV Endnotes

Ch. V      Transformation in St. John of the Cross

     Ch. V part 1           Ch. V part 2   
           Ch. V part 3

     Ch. V Endnotes


Conclusion  Endnotes


Icon or Idol: The God-Representation in Prayer (A summary of some concepts from my dissertation, 11 pp.)

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